RIA compliance consultant

Ivan Barretto 

Founder and Managing Partner

I was introduced to RIA regulatory compliance when I accepted a position as a Financial Examiner with the Texas State Securities Board Inspection and Compliance Division in 2006.  During my tenure at the Texas State Securities Board, I conducted routine and for-cause examinations for registered investment advisory firms across the state of Texas.


In 2011, my wife and I welcomed a new addition to our family, our daughter Noelle. Although I enjoyed my time as a Financial Examiner, my travel schedule began to take a toll on my family, so in 2013 I decided to take a consultant position for a local compliance consulting firm. As a consultant, I increased my exposure to all aspects of RIA compliance. I assisted in new RIA registrations, and on-going compliance support for numerous state and SEC-registered investment advisory firms nationwide. I also offered guidance to clients seeking help with registrations with the National Future Association and state insurance regulatory agencies. 


After some soul searching and with the support of my friends and family, I decided to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and launched RIA Compliance Concepts. I founded RIA Compliance Concepts with the sole purpose of helping customers navigate through the ever-changing RIA regulatory compliance environment while offering effective and cost-efficient compliance solutions to registered investment advisory firms.

RIA compliance consultant

Collin O'Bryant

Senior Consultant

Ivan and I have been friends since my days at the Texas State Securities Board. We worked together for years, until I decided to go work for FINRA and move my family up to Dallas. That was a great experience until the SEC called me up out of the blue. I accepted their offer, jumping at the chance to get back into Investment Adviser compliance.


After a time with the SEC, the private sector beckoned. Leaving the government was a great move for me. Years of experience and hundreds of clients later, I can bring my extensive regulatory knowledge to the table. Unlike most consultants, I know what a regulator is looking for when they walk into your office. The biggest driver of my career has been helping people navigate the confusing world of regulatory compliance. Their looks of frustration and nervousness disappear once they understand I can help. That’s why it’s always important that I go the extra step and build a relationship of trust with my clients.


 I’ve always loved learning new things and recently obtained my Salesforce CRM certification. From experience, I noticed that several clients had hardly used, expensive CRM programs. These programs were so poorly organized that they couldn’t be used to their full capability—so they weren’t. Using several different programs in various offices, I unintentionally began helping clients structure their CRM programs. So, it was “no-brainer” to train myself in the CRM environment.


I seek new experiences in my personal life too. I’m always trying new recipes in the kitchen or traveling to a new destination. (I recently visited my 50th state.) If I am not traveling or cooking, I’m usually busy making my kids’ eyes roll at my dad humor. My most important job is being the best dad I can be.

Collin holds the Certified Securities Compliance Professional ("CSCP").  CSCP is a graduate-level program offered through the University of St. Thomas in collaboration with the National Society of Compliance Professionals ("NSCP"). 

RIA compliance consultant

Meredith Swedlund

Director of Registration

In 2015, I graduated with a degree in curriculum and instruction from Texas State University. After a few years in the education industry, I decided to switch gears. I started working with Ivan as a Regulatory Compliance Analyst for an insurance education and research company two years ago. That’s when I was first introduced to the compliance industry.  I found that I was able to directly apply the organization and communication skills I acquired through my prior work as a teacher to the compliance field. Ivan showed me the ropes of the industry, and when he started his own business and reached out to me, I was excited about this new challenge.


I look forward to continuing my path in compliance and helping our clients with their compliance needs. I love learning new things, and when I’m not in the office behind a computer, I enjoy traveling as much as possible and teaching yoga. 


Darryl Rayford


In 2018, I graduated with a Bachelors's degree in Finance from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Shortly after my graduation, I accepted a job in the great state of Texas, working as a Financial Examiner for the Texas State Securities Board out of the Dallas branch office. I first met Ivan while I was conducting an Investment Advisor examination on one of his clients. After nearly a year of working with the Texas State Securities Board, I decided to broaden my experience with taking a job in corporate finance. Although I decided to depart from the TSSB, I couldn't help but develop an interest and passion for regulatory compliance, which is why I reached out to Ivan about being apart of the team.


Over the years, I have developed a strong passion for finance, having experience in banking, consumer finance, investments, and now corporate finance. Currently, I am attending Louisiana State University at Shreveport, where I will obtain an M.B.A degree in May of 2020. Also, I am recently engaged to my girlfriend of six years and love traveling, sports, and fishing, along with experiencing new things and creating new opportunities.


I look forward to continuing and expanding my knowledge in compliance while ensuring that all of our clients' compliance needs are met.


Teresa Douberly


In 1994 I entered the Financial Services industry as an assistant to a team of advisors at Prudential Securities in Jacksonville, FL. After six months, I took and passed the FINRA Series 7 so that I could become a Registered Client Service Associate. In 1996 my family moved to the South Florida area, where I became employed at a small boutique firm in the Boca Raton area. After a few years there, I decided to make a move to Morgan Stanley and soon started obtaining my FINRA management licenses along with my Florida Insurance license.


In early 2005 I left Morgan Stanley and aimed my career sites to Compliance and Management. I took a position as an OSJ which then led to a position as Compliance Director. I have held positions such as Assistant Operations Manager and Senior Firm Compliance Consultant at MetLife.


I then became a Branch Manager for a medium size broker-dealer firm in Boca Raton. After a few years in management, I began to realize that my true passion was in the compliance area. When I left this position, I decided to start taking steps back into compliance and was hired at a small firm as their Compliance Manager.


While there, I realized that my true potential was not being realized, so I reached out to Ivan to see if he needed another consultant. My experience and knowledge in the Financial Services industry in all aspects have led to this point, and my eagerness to keep learning and studying the trends in the industry will provide me with the ability to help RIAs understand and utilize all aspects to stay within the regulatory framework.

When not working, my husband and I enjoy bass fishing and time at the lake. In addition, I like to work in the yard and enjoy the outdoors.